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Our practice includes various types of  federal, state and international criminal defense matters involving accused individuals, businesses, principals and corporate officers.  We represent individuals in cases involving all federal  charges and a few related serious felony charges in Florida, New York and Colorado state courts as well. 

At the Fort Lauderdale Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers Office of Youngs and Associates, we represent persons accused of crimes before federal courts in Broward, Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida as well as New York and Colorado.  Our Fort Lauderdale, FL Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers and our Miami Federal Crimes Attorneys will advise you, the client, that Federal cases are much more complicated than state criminal cases for a variety of reasons. The federal government has vast resources and prepare the cases much more thoroughly than in state court. U.S. Attorneys generally have fewer cases and have many more legal assistants than state court prosecutors. In federal cases there are often numerous charges added on to the predicate criminal violation to assure a successful conclusion for federal prosecutors. Federal cases can be very complex where an accused could be facing numerous charges with a potential sentence of many years in prison. Our Senior Partner Michael Youngs has actually worked federal cases investigating and prosecuting them for 25 years. He was named as one of the top 10 criminal defense attorneys in the State of Florida by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys in 2017. We understand the position of federal prosecutors because in many investigations during our prior federal government experience we worked up the cases in the same way they are preparing the case against our client who is now being accused. Our attorneys can often more easily understand what the federal investigators have done on the case and where it could be going since we have the experience as former investigators and prosecutors in the federal system. We now also have new offices in West Palm Beach, Florida.

FT. LAUDERDALE and MIAMI, FLORIDA FEDERAL CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS                                               

For the last 19 years in private practice, Michael Youngs and our firm has built a reputation for defending federal cases due to our experience relating to both federal prosecutors and investigator's tactics combined with our aggressive defense plan where we seek the very best outcome for our clients. Our primary goal in criminal cases is to defend your federal criminal charges aggressively and zealously within the bounds of the law.  Our firm defends clients accused of all the federal crimes listed in our practice areas such as child pornography, sex tourism,medicare fraud, mail fraud, fraud by wire, identity theft, money laundering, bank fraud and drug trafficking as well as a myriad of other federal charges such as lying to federal agents, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, tax evasion, counterfeiting, perjury, hazardous materials dumping and other HAZMAT crimes, economic espionage, extortion and alien smuggling. We also accept disciplinary licensure cases where doctors, lawyers, dentists and other professionals such as law enforcement officers are accused of professional misconduct that could result in criminal charges.

We also handle international criminal cases in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as a very limited number of serious felony state charges in Florida, New York and Colorado when they are related to federal crimes.  We defend accused individuals facing federal charges in the United States and those who currently reside in foreign countries and are awaiting extradition to the United States. We meet with family members of accused persons in Federal cases both in the United States and abroad.   Although most of our clients are U.S. Citizens, many of our clients are from Central and South America as well as the Caribbean who have faced federal or state charges in the United States or third countries.

As a former FBI Special Agent Attorney and prosecutor, Senior Partner Michael Youngs handled numerous federal prosecutions in Miami, Florida and Denver, Colorado as well as extradition procedures in federal cases in Latin America and the Caribbean. Attorney Youngs was involved in the prosecution of numerous federal cases in the United States during his 25 year government career including bank fraud, mortgage fraud, medicare fraud, drug trafficking, money laundering, public corruption, computer crimes, interstate theft, child pornography, extradition and RICO/racketeering matters.  He was also assigned to U.S. Embassies abroad in Colombia, Panama and the Dominican Republic as an FBI - U.S. Department of Justice Attache dealing with provisional arrest warrants, MLATS (Mutual Assistance Legal Treaties) and extradition procedures on a regular basis.

 We also accept federal tax crimes matters which are very complicated and normally added to other predicate offenses such as federal fraud, corruption or drug charges.   We represent clients who have federal tax evasion charges brought against them plus additional federal charges which is normally the case in white collar fraud, corruption and drug trafficking matters.



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MIAMI FEDERAL CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS                                               

We strive to give every federal criminal defense case the personal attention that is needed and you deserve. For that reason, we only represent a limited number of clients and we will not accept all criminal defense cases without discussing the matter extensively with the person involved  or corporate representative.

Upon request we can demonstrate the results in federal criminal defense or international criminal defense cases we have worked.  Our pledge to you as the client and goal is to defend your criminal case aggressively, provide you with the advice you need in any federal or international criminal defense case and seek the most beneficial result possible with your best interests in mind. We encourage you to contact our office regarding any arrest, indictment, interview by federal law enforcement or state criminal law case with federal overtones. Please contact us for a free initial consultation.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA FEDERAL CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYERS                                               


MIAMI FEDERAL CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS                                               


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