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Our Ft. Lauderdale Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys and our Miami Federal Crimes Lawyers from the Broward County Federal Criminal Law Firm of Youngs and Associates only accept a limited number of federal criminal defense matters in the United States as well as international criminal defense cases in Latin America and the Caribbean because our goal is to dedicate all the time necessary to each and every client we represent. Our clients are very important to us and we recognize that each and every one of the defendants accused of state or federal law violations, or international criminal defense case deserves our undivided attention. Our firm has over 75 years of combined legal experience in state and federal criminal law as well as international criminal defense law.

We represent both individuals and business defendants accused of federal crimes anywhere in the United States including Puerto Rico although most of our clients are charged with federal crimes in Florida and New York. Numerous cases have surfaced of accusations and federal charges filed in the last few years relating to assorted foreign sex tourism and child pornography cases where accused individuals were simply surfing the internet and were entrapped by law enforcement in chat rooms.  Many medical doctors are being arrested and charged with medicare fraud when others are using their names at clinics or are unaware of abuses of their billing personnel.  In addition, wire fraud cases are being filed that in many instances appear to have no merit.  Most of the defendants charged with these crimes have no criminal records.  Accusations destroy their careers and lives.  Many corporate officials are being accused of HAZMAT dumping and improper handling of toxic materials when they simply relied on corporate counsel for guidance. Licensed professionals are being charged with crimes based on an acuser’s statements and minimal physical evidence.  Our firm can help individuals who believe they are going to be charged criminally or accused by their respective licensing boards of wrongdoing.  Early contact with our firm is extremely important to prevent accused individuals from making crucial mistakes and providing statements that can be used later by law enforcement or licensing boards.

We represent individuals accused of federal crimes throughout the State of Florida and not just in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. We travel to represent clients accused of federal offenses in Key West, West Palm Beach, Ft. Myers and Ft. Pierce as well. In a limited number of serious state criminal cases we represent accused individuals in Florida, New York and Colorado.  Also, in cases of federal crime extradition cases we will meet clients in third countries such as Panama, the Dominican Republic or Colombia as well as countries throughout Latin America or the Caribbean. In federal and state criminal defense cases we will strive to represent your legal position zealously within the bounds of the law and try our very best to obtain the best result possible with the client’s best interests in mind considering the facts and evidence surrounding the case.  We provide U.S. Citizen clients with advice on international criminal law cases as well when they have been accused of committing a crime in a foreign country.

Ft. Lauderdale Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

We have offices in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County Florida, New York, Denver as well as in Latin America and the Caribbean.  We maintain a close relationship with foreign law firms throughout the  international regions of Latin America and the Caribbean who work with us to help resolve our client’s legal criminal defense cases in foreign countries.  Our attorneys speak fluent Spanish, Portuguese as well as French. We represent our business clients who are both U.S. and foreign corporations in a variety of cases including transnational foreign corporation criminal defense in the U.S. and companies accused of crimes while conducting business abroad. 

We also assist both domestic and foreign corporate entities with federal criminal accusations.  Our clients include individuals as well as both small and large corporate entities and financial institutions accused of violating federal, state or international criminal laws. 

We provide advice on international corporate fraud and kickback schemes.  We provide guidelines for U.S. corporations or foreign transnational companies with foreign subsidiaries or who are registered with the SEC regarding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

We assist fellow law firms and solicitors in cases where foreign criminal charges originate in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Many law firms contact us regarding international criminal law accusations against employees living and working representing their firms throughout Central/South America, Mexico and the Caribbean.  In international crimes, federal crimes or extradition cases we represent clients facing serious charges.  

Miami Federal Crimes Lawyers – Broward County, Florida Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

We are available to meet your needs 24/7 at any of our various locations and we strive to give each client an assessment of his or her legal position by providing updates on a regular basis as to the status of their case. Once again, we only accept a limited number of legal cases to meet our goal of informing and engaging our client at every stage of the legal process and dedicating the time necessary for each case. Please give us the opportunity to represent you by calling our office for a free consultation.

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