Federal Crimes Caselaw

There is a federal law which many individuals convicted of any sex offender related crimes often fail to understand. The federal law entitled the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act also known as the SORNA law requires all sexual offenders who are convicted in either state or federal courts of any type of sex crime to register as a sexual offender in a sex offender national registry.

Failure to register by a convicted sex offender is a serious federal offense investigated by the FBI and the US Marshal Service. In many instances, local police departments keep tabs on individuals who have been convicted of sex offenses in their municipalities. They often report those individuals who have not registered as a sex offender to federal law enforcement authorities who thereafter seek an arrest warrant from a US Attorney's Office for violation of the SORNA law. Thereafter, a person can be arrested by either the US Marshals or the FBI and subsequently tried for violation of this federal law in federal court.

Recently, in the Federal District of Colorado, an individual was convicted under this federal law and sentenced to 45 months in federal prison. This sentence was given by a federal judge following the completion of the state sentence on the sexual offender charge. It is extremely important for sexual offenders to register as required under the federal law or face an additional sentence in federal prison if convicted for failing to register. Federal law enforcement aggressively pursue those individuals who have not registered as required by law.

The registration process requires the former sex offender to list his current address which often makes it difficult for a convicted sex offender who has completed his sentence for the predicate offense to live in peace in any community in the United States. It charged with a violation of the SORNA federal law, any such accused person should contact an experienced attorney before making any statement to federal law enforcement. Our federal criminal defense attorneys goal is to represent you zealously and aggressively.